Monday 23 May 2016

Happy Monday everyone!

Those of you who follow me on Instagram would know that I love a good sit-down meal, especially a lazy drawn-out breakfast. Unfortunately for most of us, the working week affords us no such luxury - I know for me personally, it's a two-minute health shake and swig of water in the morning then straight out the door. Well, city kids (especially those of you around Darling Harbour), you're in luck because Coffee Box Espresso has just rolled up right where you are!

We swung by to visit Vasili and his team last weekend and were greeted by an array of breakfast treats - croissants, cakes, breads, muesli, wraps, sub sandwhiches, you name it. And of course, it wouldn't be Coffee Box without a solid choice of coffee (and tea for me!) We opted for a Red Velvet Cronut, an Iced Coffee, a Summer Tea and the House Bacon & Egg Wrap (guys, this thing was phenomenal. PHENOMENAL. More on this later). The store is set up exactly as its name suggests - in a pop-up style 'box' so you can grab and go!

The cronuts on offer were from Brewtown Newtown and were the only baked items not made inhouse; Everything else from the banana date walnut bread to the chocolate almond brownies were baked fresh on the premises. You can't really go wrong with a Red Velvet anything - and this time was no different. The cream cheese went perfectly with the flaky pastry, but I could only manage a couple of bites before hitting a sugar high! Definitely yum, but you might have to go halfsies or save a few bites for later :)

Now you guys would know I'm really not a big coffee drinker. In fact, I'm not a coffee drinker at all. Absolutely love the smell, can't really appreciate the taste. They say an Iced Coffee is a good place for a newbie to start, so that's exactly what I did. A shot of good coffee (their own cold brew), milk, ice, and get this, GELATO, and I have to say I was very pleasantly surprised! Sure an experienced coffee connoisseur would probably go straight for the real stuff (just that full bottle of cold brew, perhaps?) but I was perfectly happy with my iced treat!

Now onto the two favourites of the day. First up, the Summer Tea. This, I absolutely loved. Made inhouse from a blend of Ceylon tea, peach puree and blueberries, it was just as refreshing as it was delicious. Needless to say, it didn't last very long (I gulped half of it down before remembering to get a photo!) - it wasn't overly sweet and made for a great perk-me-up. Finally, the star of the show for me - the House Bacon & Egg Wrap. Holy moly. Now from the outside, this may look like your generic bacon and egg wrap - but don't be fooled. We're talking a perfectly runny egg, thick cut strips of bacon, and a TRIPLE DOSE OF SAUCE (smoky barbeque, tomato relish and garlic aioli) in a deceivingly healthy looking spinach wrap. Glorious. 10/10. I'm a little relieved I don't work near Darling Harbour because this could be dangerous.
The next time you're around Harbourside, do me (and yourself) a favour and get your hands on one of these.

Thank you Vasili and the Coffee Box team for having (and feeding) me! Congrats on getting up and running - just a few months in and already in full swing with amazing stuff. I'll definitely be back for more :)

Guys, now I'm really hungry. I need to find some dinner. Hope you enjoyed the post; We'll chat soon!


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