Sunday 31 July 2016

Happy Sunday, my loves!

Last week Nestlé sent me a baking kit with the full range of Nestlé Baker's Choice goodies. As I was thinking of what to whip up as a Saturday morning treat, I just couldn't go past the current doughnut craze sweeping Sydney! 

I love my doughnuts and I love my  chocolate. Put the two together? Oh, yes.

I used up a whole 290g bag of White Chocolate Melts (with a dash of vegetable oil to thin it out for dunking), then played around with pink food colouring gel to get this watercolour effect ;) The Chocolate Melts were really easy to work with, and because they're specially designed to set hard without refrigeration, it didn't take me long to jazz up these doughnuts. Topped them with silver cachous (before the chocolate glaze hardened, to make sure they stuck on), a sprinkle of edible pearl dust, and ta-da! 

Can't wait to experiment with other colour themes. Next bridal shower/baby shower, I'm bringing doughnuts! 

If you guys give these a go, tag me in your photos so we can be watercolour doughnut buddies! I'd love to see what you come up with. Top tips would be to add food colouring to your melted chocolate a tiny tiny TINY bit at a time, especially if you're going for a light pastel colour theme. You can always add more, but once you've swirled it in it's really difficult to get out! 
Oh, and wear an apron. I forgot mine and uhh.. it was not pretty.

Have a lovely week, everyone! Will check in soon.

P.S. Thank you Nestlé for the chocolate supply! #BakeItYours



Wednesday 27 July 2016

I never thought I'd like midi skirts.

All the ones I've tried seemed to cut me off at an awkward length, putting me at an odd intersection between looking tall... but short.
So for the past ten years, I've pretty much been avoiding midi skirts like the plague. Lately though, I've managed to find a few keepers that maaaaaaaay be swaying me the other way!

I picked this metallic pleated skirt up at Glassons last weekend - thanks to the lovely sales assistant at the counter, whom I shall now refer to as Magical Glassons Girl. Her outfit was on. point. Her hair was great too, but that's another post for another time.
So I had finished shopping and was walking out when I spotted Magical Glassons Girl donning this pleated skirt. Did a double take, marched back into the store, hunted it down, pulled it off the rack and onto the counter. Try it on? What do you mean 'try it on'? Look how amazing it looks on Magical Glassons Girl! This skirt can do no wrong.

Anyway, I walked out of Glassons for the second time, when I caught a glimpse of Magical Glassons Girl's jacket - a classic cropped black leather jacket paired perfectly with this midi skirt. Is there any other way to style this? Well, not anymore! So yes, I (rather sheepishly) shuffled back in and started looking for this (now also magical) leather jacket. Unfortunately it was from last season so they didn't have it in store. Bummer.
Thankfully I have found a few other ways to style my skirt (refer above!) but sadly I can't be Magical Glassons Girl's twin.

Moral of the story?
Employee dress codes totally pay off. Also, Magical Glassons Girl is magical.

Wearing: Glassons Metallic Pleat Midi, Glassons Silk Cami, Sleeveless Blazer from Hong Kong, Samantha Wills Wild Magnolia Necklace, ZU Malik Boots



Monday 18 July 2016

When you think of lunch in the city, you'd usually think overpriced fancy sit-down meals or $10 food court combos or sushi boxes. It's tricky finding a good in-between, especially one that hits the mark on both value and quality. If you choose to attempt squeezing a nice meal into your lunch hour (travel/walking/queueing time included), don't even get me started on the waiting, the ordering, the watch-checking, more waiting, the hurried eating and power walking back to the office.
Well, Sydney kids. Let a sister help you out here. I had the privilege of dropping in at Jamie's Italian to try out their brand new Super Lunch menu, and honestly guys, they have your CBD work lunch situation all figured out.

Jamie's Super Lunch Menu was created with us busy folk in mind. Everything on the menu is designed for fast prep with no compromise on the quality of produce and ingredients. We opted for the 3 course lunch for $30 (yes, $30 for three Jamie's Italian dishes. Amazing.) Service was really quick and it didn't take us long to demolish everything either! I'll let the photos speak for themselves, but I did have a few favourites!

For starters, we had the Arancini, Crispy Squid and Truffle Tagliatelle. The Truffle Tagliatelle was the absolute star dish for me; smooth, buttery and full of real truffle goodness - Given the option, I could totally have gone for another serve as my main...
You simply can't go to Jamie's and not load up on pasta, so we ordered the classic Bolognese and Pumpkin Ravioli. There are bits of crushed amaretti throughout the ravioli so you get surprise bursts of sweetness and nuttiness to complement the pumpkin. My personal pick between the two was the spag bol - you guys know I'm a sucker for classics and this meat sauce was just delicious.
We finished off nice and sweet with one of each dessert option - the Panna Cotta (my favourite of the lot), Orange Blossom Polenta Cake, Chocolate Brownie and Ice-Cream Trio.

By the time we were done, an hour was up and I was rolling out the door and into a food coma.
Back to an afternoon of productive work? Pshhh, oh please. ;)

Thank you, Jamie's Italian! I will most definitely be back.
P.S. Could I please have a Truffle Tagliatelle in a super main size? Please?