Thursday 2 March 2017

My favourite season is finally here!

Yes, as much as I love sunny days by the pool, there's just something about a cool change and everything that comes with Fall.
Cosy knits, a slight breeze and breaking out those boots - not to mention winter quilts and cold nights in bed. Ticks all the boxes for this grandma.

Not too much to update in the world of CHICACHIA - except I turned 24 recently and now feel like a proper adult. I say this every year.... but I mean it this time! I have also decided that this year will be the year I proactively try new things - I'm talking painting, cake decorating, gardening (!?) I'd say it's going pretty well so far; we're only in March and I've done at least 3 classes I'd never have thought of doing. My favourite would have to be the Terrarium Workshop I did in Alexandria last weekend (look out for an Insta snap soon). Fingers crossed it now survives. Succulents are meant to be hardy, right?

Shoutout to my friends at TOBI for sending me this gorgeous new cardigan. It's baggy, and comfy, and weighty - and everything I look for in a cardi. I'm especially loving the length and side slits, and can already tell it'll be one of my staples!

Wearing: TOBI Keep Me Warm Duster Cardigan, TIGERLILY Tank, FOREVER NEW Shorts, WINDSOR SMITH Ricky Boots