Thursday 31 December 2015

As I was clearing out my desktop (as I do at the end of every year), I found these unreleased snaps of my favourite 2015 highlights and thought I'd share them before the year was out!

From this special picnic with my favourite girls, to seeing Tay Tay, to jumping out of a plane in Queenstown, to celebrating Dannii's new Luxe Target collection at the X-Factor, it sure has been one sweet ride. Thank you all for following me on this journey and for your support the whole way!

Sending my love to you all; Be brave, say yes to new adventures and never stop growing.
Here's to bigger and better things; Here's to 2016!



Friday 18 December 2015

And in the blink of an eye, it's that time of the year again!

In case you missed it on Instagram, this has been a rather accurate description of my Christmas shopping dilemma thus far.
If you're with me, then here are my top last-minute gift ideas (a collection of lovely new gifts and old personal favourites) to help get you across the line!

1. Mon Purse Monogrammed Shopper Bag - I carry my life around in this one. It's minimalistic, yet holds everything and the kitchen sink. Besides, a bit of monogramming action never hurt anyone.

2. Millie Marotta's Tropical Wonderland Colouring Book - For the big kid in all of us. You'll be surprised how therapeutic this stuff is!

3. Madame Flavour Tea Blends - You guys know I love my teas, and these new blends make great stocking fillers.

4. The Daily Edited Monogrammed Laptop Case - I needed one to match my bag! Also a practical yet personal gift for girls and guys alike.

5. Paula's Choice Berry & Bright Lip Collection - Make Tay Tay proud. Enough said.

6. The Black Line by Lauren A5 Letterpress Print - This one is especially for all my fellow homeware/interior lovers. Lauren does an amazing job with these inspirational prints (I've already got two on my desk and counting!)

7. Emma Kate Co Festive Tags and Cards - Some of the prettiest gift cards I've ever used. Make sure you've got at least half an hour before you jump on - with prints, and stationery, and beautiful new plated charms, trust me, you'll be browsing for days.

8. Samantha Wills Rings & Earrings - No surprises here, SW always has us coming back for more. Kicking on with luxe boho vibes this summer!

9. AIJA Silver Jewellery - Clean, laid-back and simple - another top hit for wives, sisters and girlfriends.

10. Bockers & Pony Christmas Hampers - So. Many. Options. And yes, that is a Gingerbread House of Jellies. Food, gifts, champagne, next day delivery - need I say more?

11. Glasshouse White Christmas Candle - Sure it's the furthest thing from a White Christmas in sweltering 'Straya, but we can pretend.

12. Bellabox Butter LONDON Nail Polish - Fresh nails in time for the new year; I'm still tossing up between Macbeth and All Hail the Queen. Thoughts?

13. Bellabox Sleek Lace Blush Palette & Contour Kit - More no-fail faves from my daily makeup routine.

14. Lorraine Lea Notting Bowl 3pc Set - Perfect for entertainers, perfect for summer.

15. Lorraine Lea Bamboo Blanket - You really can't go wrong with comfy bedding/snuggling/TV watching pieces.

16. An Organised Life 2016 Diary - Because there's no better way to jump into 2016!

Happy shopping & Merry Christmas, my lovelies!



Saturday 19 September 2015

I've always had a thing for afternoon tea.

I had always associated tea time with frocks, impeccable table manners, and long chats over tiers of treats too pretty to eat.
Growing up on Enid Blyton in a tropical country, I'd often pretend the 30 degree heat was just 'the good old fireplace' doing its thing, and that it was really snowing outside whilst Mother and I sipped tea with our pinkies out.

Fast forward fifteen years to last month, it really is winter and I'm still taken with fancy bite-sized dessert portions, sans the frock and perhaps sans the impeccable table manners...
I received a gift voucher for Shangri-La's Chocolate High Tea as a graduation gift from one very lovely lady, and had the sweetest afternoon with this spread! The favourite of the day would have to be the little passionfruit number, with the mille-feuille coming in close second.

In outfit news, this cape puts a quirky spin on things as I get reacquainted with the joys of dressy loafers!


Wearing: St Frock Overdrive Cape, Topshop jeans, Daisy Street Tassel Loafers via ASOS, Lovisa statement necklace, Daniel Wellington Classic Sheffield Lady 


Friday 7 August 2015

A late one tonight, but here goes.

Firstly, as most of you may know, I'm a huge fan of minimalistic white and gold combos. You just can't go wrong with such an elegant colour palette - and matching is never an issue. So, when the cool kids at Sudio reached out with a pair of their sweet earphones, it's no surprise that I went for these pretty babies. In-ear sound quality is great, and with a leather pouch and metal clip to match, I really don't think earphones get much classier than this!
For the entire month of August, the Sudio team want to give you guys 15% off any of their earphones + free shipping worldwide - just enter 'CHICACHIA15' as your promo code and you're good to go!

Over the past few weeks, I've made it a goal to revisit and expand my rather neglected book collection, first sorting the "Never Read"s from the "Okay Reads" and "Must Re-Read"s. I absolutely devoured TFIOS and have started Looking For Alaska, and whilst I've never been overly sold on young adult fiction, am really quite taken with John Green's prose. Once I'm done, I want to go back over my Austen classics, fall in love with Roald Dahl all over again, and then go back hunting for some new things. Suggestions, anyone?


Wearing: QUIRKY CIRCUS Snuggled Up Jumper , UNIQLO Skirt, WINDSOR SMITH Mary Boots, RUBI Knit Scarf, ZALORA Watch via THE ICONIC, SAMANTHA WILLS Band Of Outsiders Ear Jackets


Thursday 16 July 2015

Okay guys! I'm back. Hello, yes, remember me?
Yes, it's been way too long, and yes I should probably add 'World's Worst Blogger' to my resume - BUT I come bearing a photo diary as a peace offering, so let's just delve in, shall we? (Casual segue, tick!)

The highlight of April was definitely experiencing Mercedes Benz Fashion Week for the first time - a special thank you to my lovelies at Samantha Wills for getting me all ready with these goodies; Bohemian Bardot Ring, Band of Outsiders Drop Necklace, Bohemian Moon Earrings.
Oooh, and this magical piece that is possibly one of my favourite things ever.

May rolled around as a mixed bag of sorts - from discovering this new ├ęclair joint to weekend lounging with sweets and sweeter beats, to graduating (OH YES!) and celebrating Muji finally landing in Sydney (fellow stationery lovers, we are saved) - it was eventful, to say the least!

June was simply an excuse to go winter shopping, which resulted in unnecessary but utterly pleasing spikes in an already soaring black-to-coloured-garments ratio. I also updated my work wardrobe with a little help from my friends at PISIDIA and Fiebiger! Battled through some serious cold, par-tea-d with the T2 gang (Terrific Toffee is where it's at, kids), and then wrapped it all up with a morning ooh and aah-ing at the Unbirthday Studio ;)

In other news, I'm hungry.
Will be back before the next quarter is over. Promise. Pinky promise.



Sunday 29 March 2015

Ummmm.... no, mum. No, not quite.
#welldoneDJs #brandrecognitionftw

Having recently started full-time work, my appreciation for sunny weekends has more than quadrupled in the span of two weeks. Don't get me wrong; I still do love a good sleep-in, but it is a whole lot easier to roll out before 9 when you've got outfits to shoot and daylight to catch! Yesterday, we headed to Newtown for a change of scenery, with plans to hop across four dessert bars for a little side project I'm working on. Two hours and barely one pit stop later, we're stuffing ourselves with Malteaser and Oreo pies (thank you, The Pie Tin) and calling it a wrap. 
Weak, I know. 
But hey, more reason to trek out again next weekend, no? 

In outfit news, this comfy coatigan with gorgeous back detailing has definitely got me covered this autumn. 
I actually can't wait for cooler weather - so bring on the slouchy, weighty knits, please!


Wearing: TOPSHOP Houndstooth Shirt, TOPSHOP JONI Jeans, HELLO PARRY Elle Coatigan, SPURR Maz Point Heels via THE ICONIC