Thursday 16 July 2015

Okay guys! I'm back. Hello, yes, remember me?
Yes, it's been way too long, and yes I should probably add 'World's Worst Blogger' to my resume - BUT I come bearing a photo diary as a peace offering, so let's just delve in, shall we? (Casual segue, tick!)

The highlight of April was definitely experiencing Mercedes Benz Fashion Week for the first time - a special thank you to my lovelies at Samantha Wills for getting me all ready with these goodies; Bohemian Bardot Ring, Band of Outsiders Drop Necklace, Bohemian Moon Earrings.
Oooh, and this magical piece that is possibly one of my favourite things ever.

May rolled around as a mixed bag of sorts - from discovering this new ├ęclair joint to weekend lounging with sweets and sweeter beats, to graduating (OH YES!) and celebrating Muji finally landing in Sydney (fellow stationery lovers, we are saved) - it was eventful, to say the least!

June was simply an excuse to go winter shopping, which resulted in unnecessary but utterly pleasing spikes in an already soaring black-to-coloured-garments ratio. I also updated my work wardrobe with a little help from my friends at PISIDIA and Fiebiger! Battled through some serious cold, par-tea-d with the T2 gang (Terrific Toffee is where it's at, kids), and then wrapped it all up with a morning ooh and aah-ing at the Unbirthday Studio ;)

In other news, I'm hungry.
Will be back before the next quarter is over. Promise. Pinky promise.