Tuesday 23 August 2016

Holey moley this is one of my new favourite tops!

You all know I'm a fan of simple minimalist designs, and this sweet piece from Shilla The Label certainly fits the mould. It's airy, it's floaty, and the cut outs are all aligned which is great if you have a bit of OCD ;) Pairing it with classic black jeans results in an easy outfit for a nice Sunday brunch whilst throwing on a pencil skirt makes an office-appropriate combo!

I know I'm a little late to the party on this one but I've just gotten into the Bachelor and oh, give me more drama! I may or may not have been up till ungodly hours of Saturday morning binge watching the last five episodes (and finishing each off with a Rosie Recap). Yep, no shame!


Wearing: Shilla The label Paramount Net Top, Topshop jeans, Pandora rings


Sunday 14 August 2016

If you've been on Instagram lately, there's a good chance you've seen these adorable cookie puffs floating around your feed.
A few weeks ago, I had the privilege of popping into Doux Amour Patisserie in Roseberry to visit Kevin & Carol, and of course the Animal Puff Family! Fellow cream puff lovers, brace yourselves.

Introducing (from L to R): Nutty the Nutella Bear, Blackie the Black Sesame Penguin, Macho the Green Tea Turtle & Rosie the Rose-and-Lychee Pig. 

Upon walking in, I was greeted with gorgeous interiors - sort of a mix & match between refurbished industrial vibes and a softer fairy garden flair. Perfectly Instagrammable of course ;) The place filled up quickly - so I would recommend going early on the weekend to ensure minimal wait time. 

As for the puffs themselves, the choux pastry was light and lovely with a unique cookie crumb on top. What I really loved, though, was the strong flavour hit from each puff. If you're after Green Tea, oh you will most certainly get Green Tea. My favourite was Rosie the Rose-and-Lychee Pig - which really didn't come as a surprise, what with my lychee obsession. The hit of rosewater made it very much reminiscent of BSP's famous Strawberry Watermelon Cake - and you can't really go wrong from there!

Overall, I'd definitely recommend a visit. Go with a bunch of girlfriends so you can try one of everything (I promise I didn't have all four by myself. Promise!), or go for a super cute date! It's well worth the trip and a whole heap of fun. Don't forget your camera and maybe pick up a few extra as a surprise gift for family or friends (or me...)!



Thursday 11 August 2016

So I've gotten into the bomber jacket thing going on this winter, and have really been enjoying channeling my inner Pink Lady! I'm glad I went for this pastel hue instead of khaki as I think it strikes a happy balance between sporty and girly. I've been especially loving teaming it up with simple classics like this LBD to take the look from night-out to street style.

Keeping my eyes peeled for some sort of embroidered floral number next- I saw one at Zara over the weekend and can't stop thinking about it... Hmmmmmmm. Tempting.

PUBLIC SERVICE ANNOUNCEMENT: I went to WICKED at Riverside Theatre tonight and it was amazing. It's running until the 13th of August so you may still be able to grab some tickets! No, it will never get old, and yes, I will be binging on the soundtrack for the next week.

Wearing: Sheinside Scalloped Hem Keyhole Dress, Valleygirl Bomber, Cluse La Boheme Mesh Full Black Watch, Mon Purse pouch