Sunday 24 August 2014

First time doing a photoshoot collaboration with another blogger, and I'm so glad it was with this sweet girl! I met Camille for the first time just a few months ago at a blogger brunch, and she is absolutely such a joy to know! You can always count on her to leave you more than a few encouraging comments and heart emojis (teehee!) and I can honestly say I thoroughly enjoyed my afternoon chatting, "eating sushi", jumping around, practising for a Pantene ad and getting the giggles with this one! 

We both picked out these adorable tees at MINKPINK's Lost in Translation launch two weeks ago, and decided to go matchy-matchy for our shoot. The leather jacket situation, though, was completely coincidental: gotta love telepathy! I'd never been to Chipping Norton before, but this park that Camille and Ramon scouted out was just beautiful. It was a little muddy from all the rain we had earlier in the week, but that's no big deal when you come armed with wet wipes, huh Camille?

Special thanks to Ramon, our very, very patient (!!) and talented photographer for the day. 
Be sure to check out both their blogs: Camille at Frilly Skirts and Ramon at STREET PEEKED. They're both such a creative pair, and I can't wait to work with them again!

It's not even ten but I think I might call it a night!
Enjoy your week, loves.

Wearing: MINKPINK Tee, Topshop Joni Jeans, Lipstik Eamon Boots, H&M Leather Jacket



Wednesday 20 August 2014

Some days, you just feel ultra-productive.
Today was one of those days.

Having afternoon classes definitely has its perks - namely being able to sleep in on cold, rainy mornings, but it sure takes discipline not to waste the days away, huh? This week, I've been trying to get myself into a new schedule which will hopefully work better for me in terms of making the most of hours off work and class. Getting myself onto a bus and off to uni five hours before I actually need to seems to be paying off in terms of getting solid blocks of head-in-textbook time, though I will admit I occasionally need to be motivated by a cherry Danish and a large English Breakfast (two sugars and milk, please).

I purchased these statement trousers at least a year ago, but somehow completely forgot about them and only pulled them out two weeks ago! The wait was worth it, though, because I completely fell in love with them all over again. It's like how some people *ahem* hide money around their room as a surprise treat for their future selves...
Can we also just take a minute to talk about this set of adorable PISIDIA pods?! I had a bit of trouble choosing between Ash and Mulberry - so I ended up going with Mustard; logic obviously being my strong point here. If you know me, you'd know that when it comes to my bag, I throw in everything but the kitchen sink. We're talking ALL the essentials, way too many bus tickets, and about two kilograms of other nonsense. It can take a whole minute of awkward fumbling for me to find my house key, and if you happen to drop an earring in there, don't even bother 'cuz you ain't gonna find it for another week. To get to the point: these multi-sized pods are seriously making my life a whole lot easier.

I'm thinking of doing an updated and more detailed 'What's In My Bag' post soon, and perhaps also sharing how I now compartmentalize and organise my bag with these little pods - so if that's something you guys would like to see, drop me a comment here or on Instagram and let me know!

Much love, stay safe & warm!

Wearing: Giordano Plain White Tee, Atmos & Here Wide Leg Pants via The Iconic, St Frock Runaway Waterfall Cardi, PISIDIA Pods in Mustard



Monday 11 August 2014

As some of you may have noticed over the past few weeks, I'm slowly stepping up my brunching game and have had no qualms documenting my progress in little squares all over Instagram. As a result, a handful of you have sent through messages asking about my favourite cafes (which, by the way, were lovely to receive, seeing as I always get a bit too excited whenever one of you sends me a message over the magical interwebs...)
Now I don't profess to be an expert by any means - and don't even get me started on the term 'foodie'- but I like food, food likes me, and I thought it'd be fun to share some of my favourite recent picks. That being said, I should warn you that this is all coming from a girl who, up until very recently, thought boysenberries were poisonberries, and so if you're expecting paragraphs of gastronomic mumbo-jumbo, I'm afraid I will almost certainly disappoint.  

Brewtown Newtown had been on my 'to-go' list for quite some time - and yes; yes, it was all because of those cronuts; yes, the glazed one that I had lived up to its reputation; yes, it was all sugary and flaky and yummy; yes, I would go back for another, with another nice pot of tea. If you're like me and you love a mid-afternoon sweet treat, I'd say you should at least give this a try. My lovely USYDians, you have no excuse. Resist the urge to nap on the Law Lawns and go get a cronut. 

Take a short stroll up from Central station and you'll find Devon Cafe. Lisa had that monster of a truffled-topped toastie - it's called 'The Ultimate Toastie' for a reason, and I opted for their Korean fried chicken burger. Definitely different, but definitely yum. This morning, it was all about Three Williams in Redfern. I tried their Peanut Caramel Shake hoping for a little more caramel and a little less peanut, but it turned out more like a milder (and significantly more liquid) Reese's Peanut Butter Cup. Peanut butter fans, I think you'll like this one. I played it safe with crispy bacon and a chilli egg on brioche, Lisa had a 'reeaaaaallyyyy good' bibimbap pulled pork narnie, we topped it off with a crunchy brioche French toast to share, and rolled out of there in serious food coma.

Next week, we're thinking Italian.
I'm thinking plates of pasta coming to an Instagram feed near you. 
And on that happy note, I'm off to complete about a hundred pages of textbook readings.


Wearing: BOOHOO knit, ASOS pleated shirt, Topshop jeans, ZU Malik Boots, Oscar Wylee Brooke Sunnies