Sunday 17 December 2017

It's that time of year again! As always, here is a list of some fabulous items I've been loving this year - which also make perfect Christmas gifts (either for your loved ones or yourself!) 

LOLA & LANA EARRINGS from JOHN AND LUNA: You know I love my hoops – so of course they had to make the list! I stumbled across JOHN AND LUNA on Instagram and have been a fan ever since. There’s just something special about simple handmade jewellery and I love that these go with just about any outfit.

SUNRISE LUXE 10PC BRUSH SET from NUDE BY NATURE: If you guys haven’t tried Nude by Nature brushes, you need to jump on the bandwagon immediately! White and rose gold, super soft and cruelty-free. They come complete with a sleek clutch case – need I say more?

CHOCOLATE DIPPED PRETZELS from HIBA CHOCOLATES: A perfect treat for the kids (and adults!) or something to take to the Christmas party! Handmade with love by Hiba herself, these salty pretzels + sweet chocolate = a top combo.

KIND GIRLS NO. 2 PRINT from DOT AND WOLF: Start their 2018 with this beautiful reminder, frame it on the wall, pop in on the desk, and sprinkle kindness like confetti. Each artwork piece is designed and hand lettered or illustrated by Miranti own home studio! (#girlboss goals)

WONDERBOOM BLUETOOTH SPEAKER from ULTIMATE EARS: Not gonna lie, what really drew my attention to this one is the fact that IT CAN FLOAT IN MY POOL. Everyone needs a good Bluetooth speaker and this couldn’t be more perfect for summer!

CHRISTMAS CARDS from THINGS BY BEAN: Alright so these aren’t your typical Christmas cards… which is why they’re AWESOME. Channel some sass with Jo’s cheeky collection, I guarantee you’ll have a chuckle. My fave is probably the ‘I Don’t Like Christmas At All Gingerbread Man’…

SUCC A LIL WREATH & LITTLE SUCCER from LITTLE SUCCERS: Along with millennial pink, succulents have totally been trending this year! ‘The low maintenance factor avoids death by laziness’ (so true) – and one can never have too many pot plant babies! Also can we talk about those Christmas wreaths? After taking the photos, I may or may not have spent the day with it perched on my head #flowercrownsaresolastyear

JOYFUL, JUBILATION & DELIGHT HAND & BODY CREAMS from ANTIPODES: First of all, these smell ah-mazing and look great with those festive foil colours. These don’t leave an oily residue (which is super important in summer because no one wants stickiness in addition to summer heat – ew) and just make perfect handbag staples.

HEART WONDER OFF SHOULDER TOP & BOWERBIRD DRESS from PS THE LABEL: Get their Christmas/New Year outfit(s) sorted – or gift them to yourself (I know I would)! I only found out about PS The Label earlier this year and have absolutely fallen in love with their delicate fabrics and beautiful cuts. Be quick, because (from experience), every collection sells out fast!

CAKE from UNBIRTHDAY BAKERY: No surprises here, you guys know my love for all things Unbirthday! If your giftees are anything like me, they’ll be thrilled to score CAKE AS A GIFT. Otherwise, get ready to be the star of the party when you rock up with one of these babies. Nikki and the team can magically turn these around in 48 hours if necessary, so you’ve still got time!

CHOC MOLTEN MARVEL TEA from T2: For someone who can’t decide between tea or a hot chocolate… here’s both. Have on its own or with a dash of milk – it’s delishhhh (and tastes a little like Baileys!)

MAKE-UP POUCH from RUBI: If you haven’t checked out their range of adorable coin purses and pouches, you need to have a browse! I love how fun AND practical these are – and that they make perfect Secret Santa gifts.

2018 DIARY from FOREVER NEW: No Christmas Gift Guide would be complete without a planner for the new year. This year I’m loving this one from Forever New's 'For Her' gift range – with three days to a page you’ve got just enough room to plan and doodle – and it’s bright gold!

Merry Christmas and a fabulous New Year, my lovelies!
Thank you for your support and love this past year - here's to the next!



Thursday 30 November 2017

I think it's fair to say the millennial pink movement well and truly peaked in 2017. Personally I'm not too fussed about how or why it all happened - but what I can say is yes, I am a millennial, and yes, I have been loving that shade of pink.

I thought it only fitting to close out the year with a bunch of photos dedicated to this obsession - as you can see, it's crept in to clothes, cafe interiors, and (would you believe it) -- my food.

Just in case that wasn't enough, I finally got a new phone (the 8 Plus) and had to have the 'Gold' (rose-gold-mixed-with-pink). Heh. 


Wearing: BACKSTAGE Botanica Overalls @ Baby Coffee Co., FOREVER NEW Top & FORCAST Skylar Tie Skirt, AUGUST STREET Altar Dress


Saturday 23 September 2017

I was torn between whether or not to post the last photo but it was too funny not to... here I am smiling at a wall as if to say "oh yes, you're an excellent fence, I'm so happy I found you". #clearlyrunningoutofposes

I recently got my hair chopped so these are some throwback shots as a nice segue into today's post:
A letter to my 18-year old self. 

Last night I was scrolling through Facebook (as you do when watching TV - hello, second screen millennials!) and found my feed inundated with high school graduation posts. Apart from reminding me of my age (eep!) it got me thinking about what I would say to Year 12 Gloria, given the chance. So here are a couple of things I've learned along the way:

1) Give yourself space

This is no doubt an intense time - the exams, results, questions on what you'll do next, where you'll go, who you want to be in ten years... the list goes on. It's a grey and daunting area - looking back on structure, shelter and familiarity, looking out into adulthood and the adventures it brings. But the best part? You don't need to have it all mapped out! This will be an ongoing challenge as you continue to love plans in all shapes and forms. Whilst it's great to think you know what you want and to have a plan to get there, make sure to leave a little room for the unexpected. So go at it, be ambitious and 'chase those dreams', as they say. But give your 18-year old self some space to figure it out along the way.

2) Intern, intern, intern

You'll quickly discover what you love and/or what you're great at (with the two often intertwined) once you immerse yourself in it. As soon as you're able, get out there. Don't wait for things to fall in your lap - ask to intern, seek to learn, get some experience! You might just discover, oh I don't know... a love for fashion blogging or something ;)
Be diligent and build a good work ethic. Learn to carry yourself in the real world. Your schedule now affords you some flexibility and time so don't waste it. Discover yourself, discover your options. Be prepared to be surprised because what you'll find spans far beyond what any careers handbook or 'what-should-I do-with-my-life' quiz will tell you.

3) Invest in your friendships

Friendships, like all relationships, require work. That's not to say it's a chore but you've got to put the effort in. Going from primary to high school, you already felt it was difficult to maintain those relationships, and it will be doubly so as you transition into the adult world. You won't see the same faces everyday or have the exact same lunch schedules to talk about boys, so it's more important than ever to invest into existing friendships and the new ones you'll form. Keep this in mind when every social opportunity arises and try your best to pick wisely (even if it means foregoing a few naps).
At the end of the day, as cliché as it sounds, friends are the family you get to choose.

Future Gloria

P.S. Invest in Bitcoin right now. Also, please don't get orangey-bronze highlights. And don't trust Taylor Swift.


Wearing: ZARA Top, G2000 Skirt, Nine West TORNAYDO Heels


Sunday 27 August 2017

Two weekends ago I did a lookbook shoot with the team at Palisade Pictures - featuring 4 outfits from desk to dinner.

Outfit 1: Rina Navy Striped shirt from Camixa
Outfit 2: Bayonne Top from Esther, Skirt from Korea, Heels from Alias Mae
Outfit 3: Thunder Set from Arnia The Label, Shoes from NB
Outfit 4: Dress from Maurie and Eve, Hitch Heels from Wittner

Happy watching!
P.S. I chopped my hair off... more photos to come ;)



Monday 31 July 2017

So I've been hooked on Younger (if you don't already watch it, you need to!) and simultaneously inspired to up my work-drobe game. You guys know I love my winter ponchos and blanket capes, but a tailored cape takes the look to a whole new level of drape-chic! Yes I just invented that, let's roll with it :)

Shot this on an extremely sunny afternoon after feasting at Chargrill Charlie's - if there's one thing bows on skirts are great for, it's hiding food babies!


Wearing: FORCAST Kassidy Cape Jacket, FORCAST Bianca Skirt, GLASSONS Tank, WITTNER Daney Heels


Tuesday 25 July 2017

Hello friends!

The cool team at Koala did a fun Q&A segment with me, and gave me the opportunity to share a bit about myself, my routine, and my content creation journey!
I wanted to share it with all of you, so go on and read it right HERE.

In case you missed my post on my (now not-so-new) Koala mattress and my amazing GIF-creating abilities, you can get up to speed here :)

All my love.



Wednesday 31 May 2017

If there's one trend I'm loving (and seeing everywhere) this season, it's big bold statement sleeves. I've gotta admit I've started quite a collection myself - flared, tasseled, the whole works!

Naturally, when I found this classic piece with accents just on the sleeves, I had to have it. The minimalist look and satin feel render it just perfect for work - either tucked into a pencil skirt, or worn loose and dressed down for Casual Friday.

Speaking of work attire, this may be one of my favourite work bags to date - although spacious enough to hold all my essentials, it's compact enough to keep me from lugging extra 'just in case' weight around. I'm talking notepads and pens I never use (it's like I haven't realised there are things called Note apps), a change of shoes, AND my whole make up bag on the off chance I decide I need a makeover halfway through the day. This bag has got me living on the edge, but I'm willing to take some risks for farrrrshun ;)


Wearing: FORCAST Anne Bell Sleeve Blouse, TOPSHOP Jamie Jeans, WINDSOR SMITH Ricky Boots, FORCAST Sara Handbag


Monday 22 May 2017

Hello hello!

One of the most exciting things about my move out of home was trading my King Single (that I've had for as long as I can remember) for my very first Queen-sized bed. Hello, starfish sleeping mode!
My friends at Koala were lovely enough to send me a brand new mattress for the new place. It arrived all packed in the tiniest cardboard box that had me wondering if they'd decided I could sleep on a Child Single...

Thankfully this wasn't the case as the mattress somehow magically unpacked and grew to a queen size. It also came with a surprise stuffed koala - the cutest finishing touch ever!

My first thoughts were that I liked how the mattress was a little thicker than most, in a nice deep blue keeping with the Koala branding. After putting the mattress into my new IKEA bed frame, it was time to put it to the test. I'm happy to report that yes, the wine glass jumping no spilling thing they do on the commercials really works. Perhaps just as importantly, the mattress itself was really comfortable albeit a tad soft for my liking*, which I quickly solved by flipping it upside down - now it's perfect! I was a little worried that the Ecofoam material would cause me to sleep hot, but I'm happy to report I had no issues with this at all.

As you may have guessed from the photos above, overall the mattress is super comfy and I absolutely love it. My perfect first queen bed. Thanks Koala team! Oh and the box also had some adorable puns on it which I loved. KOAL-TY SLEEP? Come on guys. Amazing.


*My personal preference is to sleep on almost rock-hard beds...so this mattress shouldn't be too soft for most, normal people. And even if is, the Koala peeps have a 'no-questions-asked' 120 day refund/return policy :)

**it doesn't come with bed sheets, in fact it doesn't come with anything. you could say... it comes... bear. HEH.

My mattress: Koala Queen Mattress


Sunday 7 May 2017

As promised, I've filmed an apartment tour to introduce all of you to my new place!

Watch it right here and be sure to check the description box for the deets on where I got my bits and bobs.
AND if you have any additional questions you'd like to ask about the place or the move, shoot me a DM and I'll film a Q&A video shortly :) 


Special touches and thank you's:

Flowers Across Australia for making sure I always have beautiful fresh bedside arrangements- Wildflower Posy Box
ESZ Cake Design & the getFoodi team for an amazing celebratory cake- Rose Cheesecake 
Salt & Pepper for this vintage serving tray to have all my cake, crackers and cheese on- ECLECTIC Tray 



Friday 7 April 2017

Yep, it's happening. Some of you have already guessed on Instagram today (I'm bad at giving subtle clues) but here it is, an official life update: CHICACHIA is leaving the nest!

First up I have to apologise for being MIA on the blog front lately. The past month has been a whirlwind of planning, inspecting properties, re-planning, re-inspecting and finally celebrating... and then packing, confronting my hoarding tendencies and packing some more! It took a bit of hunting around but paid off in the end with a cute little pad. I won't give too much away just yet as I'd love to take you all on the journey with me via vlogs and of course, a home tour (you don't even have to ask!)

Long story short, I'll be moving closer to the city  to 1) be closer to work and social circles and 2) to be not just an adult... but an adult-adult. Ya feel?

The other day someone asked what I'm most not looking forward to... and I would have to say:

1) Conquering bugs/spiders/miscellaneous creepy-crawlies on my own. Brb, buying 10 cans of Mortein.
2) Not being able to come home and plonk down at the dinner table. Now there's this thing called meal planning, prepping and cooking! Side note: I've recently become obsessed with watching cooking videos/tutorials. Maybe this will be an opportunity to branch out from #chicachialikestoeat to #chicachialikestocook.
3) Bills for days. Not too many days hopefully.

On the other hand, I really am looking forward to the change of scenery, living amidst the buzz of city life and being a proper adult. I should be all settled within the next few weeks and ready to share the space with you guys.

Until then, keep an eye on my Insta Stories and I'll update as much as I can!

Much love.

Wearing: TOBI Khloe Distressed Hoodie Sweatshirt



Thursday 2 March 2017

My favourite season is finally here!

Yes, as much as I love sunny days by the pool, there's just something about a cool change and everything that comes with Fall.
Cosy knits, a slight breeze and breaking out those boots - not to mention winter quilts and cold nights in bed. Ticks all the boxes for this grandma.

Not too much to update in the world of CHICACHIA - except I turned 24 recently and now feel like a proper adult. I say this every year.... but I mean it this time! I have also decided that this year will be the year I proactively try new things - I'm talking painting, cake decorating, gardening (!?) I'd say it's going pretty well so far; we're only in March and I've done at least 3 classes I'd never have thought of doing. My favourite would have to be the Terrarium Workshop I did in Alexandria last weekend (look out for an Insta snap soon). Fingers crossed it now survives. Succulents are meant to be hardy, right?

Shoutout to my friends at TOBI for sending me this gorgeous new cardigan. It's baggy, and comfy, and weighty - and everything I look for in a cardi. I'm especially loving the length and side slits, and can already tell it'll be one of my staples!

Wearing: TOBI Keep Me Warm Duster Cardigan, TIGERLILY Tank, FOREVER NEW Shorts, WINDSOR SMITH Ricky Boots



Tuesday 3 January 2017

As some of you would know, I finally made a trip to South Korea towards the end of 2016.
To kick off accomplishing my New Year's resolution of creating more videos, here are my holiday highlights (mostly food related, of course!) Needless to say, we spent most of our time eating and shopping (what else do I do, really?) but also managed to tick off a few great touristy things on the agenda.

Special thanks to the team at Olympus for lending me this trendy PEN E-PL8 and saving me lugging my clunky DSLR all around Seoul! As I mentioned in my Christmas Gift Guide last month, this pocket-sized camera sure packs a punch. Had so much fun playing around with it and I hope you guys enjoy the footage!

Hit me up if you're on YouTube - I promise more videos are on their way!