HELLO, 2015

Thursday 8 January 2015

After a week of having to subtly morph 4's into 5's, it's safe to say I've finally gotten the hang of 2015!

I hope you all had fabulous Christmas and New Year celebrations! I thoroughly enjoyed my two-week break and had the chance to catch up on my sleep-ins, get into a few new TV shows, finally revamp my room (thank you, IKEA) and most importantly, spend lots of time with my nearest and dearest.

Over the past few days, I've also been spending some time thinking up fresh ideas for this blog this year. There are definitely a few new things in the pipeline and I'm so excited to take you with me as I explore a new direction (more details soon!) The most important thing for me, though, will always be to cater for what you guys would like to see - so please feel free to leave comments and let me know what you want!

At a personal level, I didn't exactly come up with a long list of resolutions, but I did pick out a few important things I intend to work on this year. First up would have to be being more deliberate about building and maintaining the relationships I have in my life. Before the year kicks into full swing and days and diaries start filling up with tasks and to-dos again, let's remember to keep the real important things right at the forefront! On a more practical note, the glorious Christmas/New Year feasting* has once again inspired me to work on my culinary skills, which at the moment, are looking more or less like this. Whilst my love for baking continues, living off toffee choc-chip cookies and red velvet cupcakes probably wouldn't be the wisest idea.

(but man, wouldn't that be amazing?!)

* in case you didn't believe me. Oh, my love, my little garlic and chive dumpling.


Wearing: ENA PELLY Striped Tank Dress, BOOHOO Silje Tux Blazer, WANTED Heels


  1. love this look!!


  2. Such a chic look!
    I wish you could live off cookies and cupcakes. Life would be great!

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