Wednesday 18 May 2016

Call me a grandma, but I absolutely love plan-less weekends!

Sure it's fun running around with a chock-full schedule, but ever so often you just need two days with zilch on the agenda and a surplus of me-time. Of course, I realise there are a few more resourceful ways to spend this time besides lying in bed netflixing my life away - so I decided to compile a list of 'Things To Do When We Have Nothing To Do'.

1) Clean out that wardrobe

No, I'm serious. Clean it out, sell or donate the stuff you no longer like (if you haven't reached for it in over a year, you probably aren't gonna reach for it again), reorganise the stuff you do like, and the best part: replenish with a couple of timeless pieces you love. Sure it's a bit of an investment (time and money) - but I honestly think that by streamliing and refreshing your wardrobe at least once a year, you'll get a lot more wear and value in the long run.
Tip: Do be patient with this one and work in sections. Don't do what I often do and over-optimistically dump everything (tops, bottoms, dresses, bags, socks, winter gear, summer gear, clothes from when I was 10, EVERYTHING) on your bed in the hopes of clearing it all in one sweep. Trust me, it's not gonna happen and you'll have to just shove all your hard work onto the floor at bedtime. Or sleep on top of it all. Speaking from experience, neither is ideal.

2) Back up your laptop

I know this seems like a chore (netflixing your life away is totally the better option right now), but once it's done you'll be thankful for it. Clear up all your documents, delete or file things in folders (I love folders). While you're at it, clean out your desktop. If you can't be bothered going through your 300 screenshots of random things you can't even remember screenshotting, just dump them in a folder called 'Screenshots' and worry about it later. Either way, just back it all up on an external hard drive. Peace of mind and less paranoia about sudden laptop death. It's worth it, I promise.

3) Make a list of new restaurants to try

Get Google ready, get your Instagram ready. There is some serious research to be done. Sometimes you'll scroll through Instagram and see crazy photos of some food blogger having brunch on a milk crate at some hip acai bowl-serving cafe in the middle of nowhere. Now I'll be honest, acai bowls don't particularly interest me and neither do quinoa salads nor cold pressed vegetable juices. But hey, sometimes there are red velvet pancakes and I do red velvet pancakes. Or there are yummy desserts covered with an unnecessary amount of flower petals, and I do those too. But I digress. My point is that when you spot aforementioned food photographs, you should screenshot them. Then go through, do your research and make a list of places and things you'd like to try. This will come in handy on days where no one has an opinion on where to eat, and hey, you'll get to try yummy food.

4) Sleep

This is such an easy one but I read an article this morning about how we're pretty much all running on a sleep debt (Oh thanks Huffington Post, thanks for that). So sleep. Catch up on your sleep, but don't nap for more than 90 minutes or you'll wake up not knowing what year it is.

So now onto my own weekend - I'm proud to say I spent most of Saturday decluttering my room. Okay fine I made a start by putting a pile of clothes away, but that counts. Ooh, I also created my own bouquet of flowers (do you guys like it?! I really like the fishbowl vase) and spent the weekend admiring them whilst munching on these ridiculously cute cookies. The concept of creating your own bouquet is really growing on me. As much as you can't really go wrong with flowers, I just think customising your own bunch (especially as a gift for someone) is extra sweet and adds a nice personalised touch. Thank you, Flowers Across Sydney for letting me handpick my own arrangement and go crazy on the tulips!

Now it's bedtime. I've got a sleep debt to catch up on.


Flowers by Flowers Across Sydney, Cookies by Spoon and Fork

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