Saturday 23 September 2017

I was torn between whether or not to post the last photo but it was too funny not to... here I am smiling at a wall as if to say "oh yes, you're an excellent fence, I'm so happy I found you". #clearlyrunningoutofposes

I recently got my hair chopped so these are some throwback shots as a nice segue into today's post:
A letter to my 18-year old self. 

Last night I was scrolling through Facebook (as you do when watching TV - hello, second screen millennials!) and found my feed inundated with high school graduation posts. Apart from reminding me of my age (eep!) it got me thinking about what I would say to Year 12 Gloria, given the chance. So here are a couple of things I've learned along the way:

1) Give yourself space

This is no doubt an intense time - the exams, results, questions on what you'll do next, where you'll go, who you want to be in ten years... the list goes on. It's a grey and daunting area - looking back on structure, shelter and familiarity, looking out into adulthood and the adventures it brings. But the best part? You don't need to have it all mapped out! This will be an ongoing challenge as you continue to love plans in all shapes and forms. Whilst it's great to think you know what you want and to have a plan to get there, make sure to leave a little room for the unexpected. So go at it, be ambitious and 'chase those dreams', as they say. But give your 18-year old self some space to figure it out along the way.

2) Intern, intern, intern

You'll quickly discover what you love and/or what you're great at (with the two often intertwined) once you immerse yourself in it. As soon as you're able, get out there. Don't wait for things to fall in your lap - ask to intern, seek to learn, get some experience! You might just discover, oh I don't know... a love for fashion blogging or something ;)
Be diligent and build a good work ethic. Learn to carry yourself in the real world. Your schedule now affords you some flexibility and time so don't waste it. Discover yourself, discover your options. Be prepared to be surprised because what you'll find spans far beyond what any careers handbook or 'what-should-I do-with-my-life' quiz will tell you.

3) Invest in your friendships

Friendships, like all relationships, require work. That's not to say it's a chore but you've got to put the effort in. Going from primary to high school, you already felt it was difficult to maintain those relationships, and it will be doubly so as you transition into the adult world. You won't see the same faces everyday or have the exact same lunch schedules to talk about boys, so it's more important than ever to invest into existing friendships and the new ones you'll form. Keep this in mind when every social opportunity arises and try your best to pick wisely (even if it means foregoing a few naps).
At the end of the day, as cliché as it sounds, friends are the family you get to choose.

Future Gloria

P.S. Invest in Bitcoin right now. Also, please don't get orangey-bronze highlights. And don't trust Taylor Swift.


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