Thursday 31 July 2014

Semester Two has started, and it's hard to believe that seven months of 2014 have already flown by!
It's been quite a productive week getting back into the swing of things and adjusting work/blog/life routines to my new timetable. Last Sunday, I also had the pleasure of meeting and catching up with some gorgeous babes at our #nuffnangsydneybloggerbrunch in Paddington. Special thanks to Nuffnang Australia and Camille for completely spoiling us!

I purchased this top on a bit of a whim (ZARA, the things you make me do) but I'm so glad I did. Looking forward to getting more wear out of it, and dressing it up, or down - but please do remind me to be wary of inviting strange, patterned tan lines on my arms in the summer.
Meanwhile, these adorable rings (reindeer antlers; are you kidding me?!) were gifted by the lovely team at Dainty and Bold, who are very kindly offering you all a 15% discount treat on any of your favourite picks!
You know what they say: 'Life is short, Buy the Reindeer Antler Rings.'
Okay, not really, but hey, we could be #twinning and that's pretty cute too, no?
'CHICACHIA15' from today til' the fourteenth of August - Tag me on Instagram and show me what you get!

Dinner time! I've got 'Heston For Coles' Chicken, Leek and Mushroom pies in the oven (Sydney peeps, you need to get on these!) and I ain't waiting a second longer. 

Goodnight, loves!

Wearing: ZARA Top, Topshop Joni Jeans, ZU Malik Boots, Daniel Wellington Classic Sheffield Lady, Dainty and Bold Rings



Friday 25 July 2014

When it comes to days off, there's nothing I enjoy more than a good slouchy, slightly oversized outfit.
There are also few things that can beat a spontaneous picnic on a gorgeous winter afternoon.
Put the two together, with some glorious streaks of sunlight, and boom. Magic.

As you may know, I do love my colours. Somehow, though, I've never really been one to gravitate towards yellow/mustard tones when growing my wardrobe, and so I too was a little surprised when I found myself choosing this sunny cardigan to style! I'm not sure if it was the cheery colour, the square knit detailing, or the fact that it has pockets large enough to store several large handfuls of jellybeans - but I've been completely and utterly sold.

Thank you especially to the sweetest girl, Daisy, for being my photographer (how talented is she?!);
To my babes at The Rumour Mill for dressing me;
And thank you, Somedays Lovin', Arrow Divine and Shambhala Resort for giving me a reason to cuff up those jeans, frolic around the park and have one of the best 'off duty' days to date!

Wearing: Somedays Lovin' Illusion Crochet Knit, UNIQLO Top, Dejour Jeans, Mr & Mare Plimsolls via The Iconic



Monday 21 July 2014

Back from Melbourne and ready to make the most of the last week of semester break!

My five-day getaway with this partner-in-crime was truly such a treat. We put up right in the middle of Melbourne's trendy CBD, which meant less-than-three-minute walks to food stops and shopping spots, wallets getting slimmer and waistlines getting... well.. y'know.
Not a single day started without a good dose of hotel bed lounging and embracing the luxury that is a strategically positioned widescreen TV; nor ended without a movie/reality TV and uninhibited re-discoveries of the joys of street food. Thank you especially to all who gave us tips on the best eats in town - we made every effort to visit as many places as we could (and found a few new favourites!) - but we'll definitely be back for the rest!
Besides eating and more eating, I also managed to snap up a few new pieces from H&M, Uniqlo, ZARA and Country Road Outlet, and can't wait to share those with you soon!

For now, a bunch of throwback snaps to my first Grounds visit, with some winter-defying tropical print action going on.

Wearing: Urban Bandit top, Topshop Joni Jeans, Mr & Mare Dude Plimsolls via The Iconic



Wednesday 9 July 2014

Hello, my beauties!

Within the past week, I've somehow managed to spend an amazing four days at a conference,  sleepover with two of my favourite girls, stay up chatting over Marvellous Creations popping candy ice-cream bars, celebrate two 21st birthdays, start cleaning my room (it's a work in progress, mum), pop in to see the lovely TailorMaid babes, brunch at Bills and go exploring around Surry Hills. Phew.
That being said, I'm hoping to take this weekend a little more slowly and fight off this pesky flu before jetting off to Melbourne next week!

In other news, the cool cats at Hunt & Gather Store are launching their Wearable Art Collection and are offering you all 10% off these pieces when they drop! Think Celine SS14 brilliance, bold Crayola colours, brush strokes, watercolour paints and graffiti art - and then think discount code: chicachia10
Keep your eyes peeled and get in quick though - this little treat only runs from the 12th-14th of July!

Alright, now I need a nap before deciding where to go for dinner tonight.
Tossing up between Italian and Korean has never been this hard.

Wearing: Hunt & Gather Store Brush Stroke Top, Popcherry skirt, Runway Bandits blazer, Portmans coat