Sunday 14 February 2016

Valentine's Day is well and truly upon us, but just in case you're still stuck on how to celebrate (yes you, I see you), fear not 'cuz we've got your back. 

For the whole month of February, the Sydney Harbour Marriott is celebrating 'the month of love' with  a special selection of sweet treats and creative concoctions. After dropping in last weekend for a little tasting session, I've got snaps and tips to share!

First up, Raspberry Chocolate Kiss. The vodka definitely came through in this one, and although cut with the sharpness of cranberry, was a tad too strong for my palate. The chocolate cookie crumbs did add a twist on texture whilst sweetening it up a little. Vodka lovers, I think this is one for you. It's also been the drink of choice in the lobby so far, according to our friendly bartender!
Agave Kiss was a real treat. Raspberries and white chocolate always go well together, and this time was no exception. 
My absolute favourite of the day, though, was Soft Love. I'm not usually a fan of sour drinks, but this was just the right mix of lime and sweet cranberry. Perfect girly cocktail and perfectly refreshing, especially on a sweltering afternoon like this! If you're like me and enjoy fruity ciders, you have to give this one a go. 
Love On The Rocks was again more on the strong side and usually more favoured by the guys. I have to admit being a little put off by the raw egg at first, but it brought such a unique creaminess to the cocktail and I really couldn't taste nor smell it all mixed in with the citrus juice!

All in all, definitely a great option for a relaxing, romantic evening, and you've got two weeks left to get in there :)
Perhaps not all four cocktails at once, but whatever floats your boat, hey?


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