Wednesday 10 February 2016

I have a shameless confession to make. I chose my Australia Day outfit solely based on how many pieces I would have had to reach for. Dress = one item. Any other combo = more than one item. Half a second saved. New levels of laziness unlocked. Off to a great start.
The rest of Australia Day was spectacular. A nice long lunch at The Rabbit Hole Tea Bar (whilst soaking up all those interiors) and then a chill afternoon around the city - couldn't have asked for much more.

In other news, one of my girlfriends is getting married this year and bridesmaid adventures have commenced! From expos to dress shopping trips, this wedding business sure is a whole new ball game. I'm sure you'll catch snippets of all the fun on Instagram; I'm way too excited not to share. Ooh, and if you do have tips/tricks/secret wedding treasure troves up your sleeve, please let me know!  :)

P.S. I can't believe it's taken me this long to discover the magic of bucket bags. Seriously guys. It is ridiculous how much stuff this little thing can hold. It's a new and improved Mary Poppins bag. Not made of carpet, but I could probably still fit a lamp in there.

Much love.


Wearing: Glassons Floral Lace-Up Dress, Seed Heritage Bucket Bag

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