Friday 20 March 2015

As always, Singapore was amazing!

I arrived home last week with newfound appreciation for comfortable shoes, satiated (for a few weeks, maybe) fish ball noodle soup cravings and of course, a bit of a work wardrobe revamp.

Because six straight days of eating and intense shopping teaches a girl a thing or two, let's go with my top discoveries from the trip:

  1. I will never get enough of street snackfood. I'm talking fried fish balls on sticks, soaked in chilli sauce. Oh. My. Yum.
  2. Trying to get a perfect Instagram photo of ice-cream-filled Taiyaki in sweltering Singaporean heat will almost always end badly.
  3. Bugis Street markets should be one of your first stops for good bargain buys. Far East Plaza, on the other hand, is still one of my favourite spots for shoes!
  4. When a shopkeeper starts a conversation with you in a language you don't understand, don't nod and pretend you do. Conversations and questions escalate quickly, and many awkward, uncomfortable laughs will be had.
  5. I have been missing out on the joy of crispy condensed milk buns all my life. Now on the hunt for the best ones in Sydney... (P.S. If anyone has any suggestions, @chicachia please!)

I hope you're all really well, and I do apologise for being away for too long!
Promise there's a video coming soon :)


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