Sunday 29 March 2015

Ummmm.... no, mum. No, not quite.
#welldoneDJs #brandrecognitionftw

Having recently started full-time work, my appreciation for sunny weekends has more than quadrupled in the span of two weeks. Don't get me wrong; I still do love a good sleep-in, but it is a whole lot easier to roll out before 9 when you've got outfits to shoot and daylight to catch! Yesterday, we headed to Newtown for a change of scenery, with plans to hop across four dessert bars for a little side project I'm working on. Two hours and barely one pit stop later, we're stuffing ourselves with Malteaser and Oreo pies (thank you, The Pie Tin) and calling it a wrap. 
Weak, I know. 
But hey, more reason to trek out again next weekend, no? 

In outfit news, this comfy coatigan with gorgeous back detailing has definitely got me covered this autumn. 
I actually can't wait for cooler weather - so bring on the slouchy, weighty knits, please!


Wearing: TOPSHOP Houndstooth Shirt, TOPSHOP JONI Jeans, HELLO PARRY Elle Coatigan, SPURR Maz Point Heels via THE ICONIC


  1. That cardigan looks amazingly cozy, you've got me longing for cooler days as well! Love it paired with those killer heels. Hope work is going well for you, how exciting! :) xx


  2. I adore that cardi!