Monday 22 May 2017

Hello hello!

One of the most exciting things about my move out of home was trading my King Single (that I've had for as long as I can remember) for my very first Queen-sized bed. Hello, starfish sleeping mode!
My friends at Koala were lovely enough to send me a brand new mattress for the new place. It arrived all packed in the tiniest cardboard box that had me wondering if they'd decided I could sleep on a Child Single...

Thankfully this wasn't the case as the mattress somehow magically unpacked and grew to a queen size. It also came with a surprise stuffed koala - the cutest finishing touch ever!

My first thoughts were that I liked how the mattress was a little thicker than most, in a nice deep blue keeping with the Koala branding. After putting the mattress into my new IKEA bed frame, it was time to put it to the test. I'm happy to report that yes, the wine glass jumping no spilling thing they do on the commercials really works. Perhaps just as importantly, the mattress itself was really comfortable albeit a tad soft for my liking*, which I quickly solved by flipping it upside down - now it's perfect! I was a little worried that the Ecofoam material would cause me to sleep hot, but I'm happy to report I had no issues with this at all.

As you may have guessed from the photos above, overall the mattress is super comfy and I absolutely love it. My perfect first queen bed. Thanks Koala team! Oh and the box also had some adorable puns on it which I loved. KOAL-TY SLEEP? Come on guys. Amazing.


*My personal preference is to sleep on almost rock-hard beds...so this mattress shouldn't be too soft for most, normal people. And even if is, the Koala peeps have a 'no-questions-asked' 120 day refund/return policy :)

**it doesn't come with bed sheets, in fact it doesn't come with anything. you could say... it comes... bear. HEH.

My mattress: Koala Queen Mattress

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