Wednesday 7 September 2016

Hi lovelies!

Unless you’ve been living without internet and, heaven forbid, no Instagram connection you would've seen these ridiculously colourful creations from Doughnut Time popping up everywhere.

I just had to see if they’re as delicious as they look so last weekend I popped over to their store in Newtown and picked up an assortment. For your benefit, here's a mini review of my top picks in order of yummy-ness:

The Bling Ring
This one really surprised me. I wasn't sure how I felt about lemon doughnuts but it has quickly become my personal favourite! There's some intense lemon flavour going on thanks to the sherbet glaze, vanilla meringue on top and sprinkles for your inner child. It was great because it wasn’t too heavy/decadent, but instead refreshingly zingy.

The Home Alone
Okay forget that ‘great because not too heavy/decadent’ comment. I don’t know what I was thinking. This one has milk chocolate glaze, wafers, a Kit Kat, and just in case that's not enough, a dark chocolate glaze drizzle on top. Decadent with a capital D. Amazing.  

The OG
You can’t go past the original glazed doughnut. Imagine if a Krispy Kreme ate a few of its Krispy Kreme friends, absorbed their power and evolved into... the OG. Have this with a cup of English Breakfast tea like I did and you can't really go wrong.

The Cookie Monster
Cream & chocolate glaze, marshmallow and chocolate biscuit filling topped with an Oreo is quite possibly the sweetest of the bunch (is there such a thing as too sweet?). Absolutely recommended for those with a sweet tooth but I couldn't pick up too much of a ‘cookie’ taste though.

The Attention Seeker
This doughnut had heaps happening with a chocolate glaze topped with mini marshmallows, peanuts, sprinkles and Mini M&M’s. Many different flavours do work well together but it was a bit confusing for my tastebuds - I usually prefer something simpler, but if you're indecisive and want a bit of everything then this is a sure winner.

The Slim Shady
This is the O.G with mini M&M’s on top which doesn’t seem like a huge change besides boosting sweetness levels by about 300%. This is the kind of doughnut you give to your friends’ kids and watch as they begin a three-hour sugar high of carnage... On the plus side, it makes for a great Insta photo!

The Emma Stone
You just couldn’t be a store in Newtown and not have a low gluten option. This one has chocolate Glaze, topped with sprinkles, 100s and 1000s and a low gluten milk chocolate crumb. Would the low gluten doughnut taste just as good as it’s gluten laden counterparts? Honestly? No. But for a healthier option, it’s okay.  

The Sia Later
This red velvet doughnut with butter cream frosting and freeze dried raspberries is again surprisingly good. Sure, it’s less fluffy and denser than the regular doughnuts and definitely tastes a little different but if you really want BOTH veganism and doughnut-eating, this is your best bet. 

That's all from me! 
Do yourself a favour and check them out yourself - it won't be difficult to locate a store throughout Sydney.

Side note, I didn’t eat all of them, I just had a small slice or three of each. The remainders ensured my team at work had a frantically productive sugar powered Monday morning, followed by sugar withdrawal zombie mode in the afternoon. Totally worth it!


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