Wednesday 27 July 2016

I never thought I'd like midi skirts.

All the ones I've tried seemed to cut me off at an awkward length, putting me at an odd intersection between looking tall... but short.
So for the past ten years, I've pretty much been avoiding midi skirts like the plague. Lately though, I've managed to find a few keepers that maaaaaaaay be swaying me the other way!

I picked this metallic pleated skirt up at Glassons last weekend - thanks to the lovely sales assistant at the counter, whom I shall now refer to as Magical Glassons Girl. Her outfit was on. point. Her hair was great too, but that's another post for another time.
So I had finished shopping and was walking out when I spotted Magical Glassons Girl donning this pleated skirt. Did a double take, marched back into the store, hunted it down, pulled it off the rack and onto the counter. Try it on? What do you mean 'try it on'? Look how amazing it looks on Magical Glassons Girl! This skirt can do no wrong.

Anyway, I walked out of Glassons for the second time, when I caught a glimpse of Magical Glassons Girl's jacket - a classic cropped black leather jacket paired perfectly with this midi skirt. Is there any other way to style this? Well, not anymore! So yes, I (rather sheepishly) shuffled back in and started looking for this (now also magical) leather jacket. Unfortunately it was from last season so they didn't have it in store. Bummer.
Thankfully I have found a few other ways to style my skirt (refer above!) but sadly I can't be Magical Glassons Girl's twin.

Moral of the story?
Employee dress codes totally pay off. Also, Magical Glassons Girl is magical.

Wearing: Glassons Metallic Pleat Midi, Glassons Silk Cami, Sleeveless Blazer from Hong Kong, Samantha Wills Wild Magnolia Necklace, ZU Malik Boots


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